Meeting Minutes

Per Policy, Meeting Minutes will be deleted from the site after 2 years.

generic agenda for membership meetings

Call to Order, Welcome, Roll Call for Officers

Acceptance of Meeting Agenda

Reading and Approval of Meeting Minutes from Previous Month

Treasurer’s Reports for Previous Month

President’s Report


Vice President’s Report

Secretary’s Report

Chief Steward Report



Field Representative’s Report

C5 E Board Updates

New Business

Good & Welfare

Old Business



PDF icon gm meeting 11-18-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 10-28-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 09-23-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 08-26-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 07-22-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 06-24-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 06-08-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 04-22-21.pdf

PDF icon gm meeting 03-25-21.pdf

PDF icon gm_meeting_022521.pdf

PDF icon 2021-01-28 AFSCME GM approved.pdf


PDF icon 2020-01-30 afscme local920 gm approved.pdf

PDF icon 2020-02-27 afscme local920 gm approved.pdf

* because of COVID, all GM meetings between March and Sept were cancelled. Resumed meetings in October Virtually. 

PDF icon 20201022 afscme local920 gm approved.pdf

PDF icon 20201119 afscme local920 gm approved.pdf


PDF icon 2019-10-22_afscme_local920_gm_draft.pdf

PDF icon 20191119 afscme local 920 gm approved.pdf

PDF icon 2019-12-17 afscme local920 gm approved.pdf